A hybrid of a lipstick, gloss, & stain infused with natural butters and Vitamin E resulting in an ultra luscious, head turning lip color. These shiny and creamy lip colors are long wear and extremely moisturizing, there is nothing like this on the market! This fashion forward collection of 6 electric pigmented colors are sold in a .5 oz soft tube with wand and doe foot applicator for perfect, and easy application every time.


What is it?
A hybrid of a lipstick, gloss, & stain infused with natural butters and vitamins, packing a powerful punch of pigment and treatment for your lips. This lip product is unlike any other on the market, with an easy to use squeeze tube and wand applicator any woman can look like a pro in our “electric” shades.

What it does:

Hydrates your lips with essential nutrients, and turns heads with vibrant color and shine. Infused with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Butter & Mango Butter. Vitamin E protects your lips.

How it Works:

Use the doe foot applicator to apply Electric Lip Slide onto the lips or squeeze onto a palette and apply with a lip brush. No need to prime or line the lips - this color with pop with one coat and stay on all day long!

Features and Benefits:

One of a kind long wear formula keeps your color on for hours and never dries out your lips. Water resistant formula (that means kisses too!). Fashion forward colors. Easy to use doe foot applicator and wand for precise application. Creamy feeling of a lipstick, shone of a gloss, longevity of a stain.

Cruelty-Free & Gluten Free!


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