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The I.C.O.N. Detox Regimedy Triple Pack is the perfect haircare range to bring your hair back to life!

Detox your hair now:

PRE - Shift 250ml: the first step in detoxifying. This treatment is designed to create a healthy scalp for a health state. Apply onto dry scalp using nozzle. Massage through from roots to ends and let sit 5 - 10 minutes.

WASH - Energy 250ml: the second step in detoxifying. Feel the energy of a stimulating shampoo. Cool the scalp while cleansing the hair. Lather into wet hair and rinse completely.

POST - Tonic 100ml: the third step in detoxifying. Hair Serum to help prevent hair loss while keeping the scalp stimulated, refreshed and nourished. Apply from scalp to ends, leaving a cooling sensation while protecting your hair.



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The most refreshing scalp and hair cleansing experience!

18th Aug 2020

The ICON Detox range will definitely make your hair and scalp feel rejuvenated. If you have sensitive/itchy scalp, as soon as you apply the products it will feel as if you have just applied icy water. It feels amazing!