Infuse each strand with glossy strength with this exceptionally rich lather. An exotic blend of Moringa and Argan oils nourishes and heals.

Encourage a youthfully smooth feel.
Help smooth hair with African Shea Butter.
Revitalize lifeless locks.
Wash in tranquility.
Indulge the senses.

Active Ingredients:

Moringa Oil: A far Eastern oil, hand-pressed from seeds, to help heal and soothe frayed tresses.
Argan Oil:
This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in Vitamin E and helps moisturize and protect hair.
Far East Oil Blend: Exotic and hypnotic blend to charm hair, eliminate frayed ends and soothe hair smooth.

HOW TO APPLY: Lather into wet hair and rinse completely. For optimum results, use with INDIA Conditioner.

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Strong scent but great product

Elena on 28th Jun 2013

This worked very well to detangle my messy hair. The scent was quite strong and not one that i am really keen on, but it did fade once i finished washing it. For what this product actually does for my hair i would purchase it again even though the scent isn't my absolute favourite.


Claudia D on 14th Jun 2013

Absolutely love it! Really felt the difference as there was no tangled dry feeling; this is simply an amazing product and the first shampoo I've ever used where I felt my hair was smoother without even using the conditioner!


Josie on 13th May 2013

This is a luxury shampoo without the heavy price tag. I love the texture and scent each time I use it. Made my hair feel like silk!!!

Very nice

Deb on 8th May 2013

A very nice shampoo that helped smooth my hair which was in quite bad condition prior to using this. I was quite happy with the smell and it worked really nicely with the conditioner which i found had a nicer smell overall. I would buy this again as it really did give me the results i wanted and to me is worth the money i spent.