Cream Formula for Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. Vegan Formula colours and conditions hair.

This semi-permanent dye is infused with conditioners that add moisture and act as a filler to pre-lightened hair. It is 100% plant-derived free from harmful chemicals for an incredibly gentle and conditioning cream. Tested on Celebrities Not Animals!™

For the most intense results, lighten hair to light blonde or naturally light blonde. When applied to unprocessed hair, colours vary depending on your hair texture and colour.

Safe to use during pregnancy. Do not use for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes!


Create your own pastel shades with this mixer!

To create a pastel shade of your favourite Manic Panic hair colour, simply mix a generous amount of Manic Mixer into a mixing bowl and gradually add the Mani Panic hair colour. For the ideal ratio of mixer to hair colour, perform a test strand. - See more at: http://www.catwalk.com.au/manic-panic-manic-mixer-or-pastel-izer-118ml_4053173/#sthash.zFyvVPx5.dpuf
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