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Tints and De-colouring powders do not have the capacity to act alone and obtain results. In order for their function to be activated they require an oxidation process.

In the Utopik line, the new oxygenated cream Utopik-Ox has revolutionized the market, thanks to its innovative formula:

Pleasant mandarin fragrance.
Pale orange colour.
Improves mixture with tints.
Attractive packaging, with an innovative design on the label.

Extract of sunflower seed: protects hair from free radicals, prevents harm from UV rays and has a colour-prolonging effect on the hair.

Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 vol.

Often, oxidants do not receive the consideration that they really deserve. We must not forget that the incorrect use of Oxygenated Creams may mean that the desired results are not achieved.

In the case of tints, it is important to remember that the proportion is 1:1 (60 ml. of tint with 60 ml. of Utopik-Ox).
The superlightener tones are the exception to this rule. In this case the mix is 1:2 (or 60 ml. of tint with 120 ml. of oxygenate).

In the case of de colouring powder, add the necessary quantity in order to obtain a smooth mix.
It is advisable to follow the instructions found on the product packaging carefully.

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