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LENDAN Aqua Rituals Moisturising Skin Care!

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Faithful to their philosophy of offering latest-generation treatments, Lendan Laboratories present their new face moisturising line, AQUA RITUALS.

Innovative formulas with HYDRAPORINE, an exclusive multi-level complex that regulates the skin’s water channels to thoroughly moisturise the skin.

Indeed, the secret of moisturising the skin lies not so much in the amount of water it is provided with, but rather in the greater or lesser ease with which the skin retains the water running through it*.

Lendan knows this and accompanies the treatment technology with sophisticated textures and aromas, aware of the importance of combining efficiency and well-being.

Instantly moisturised skin, long-lasting results, an authentic deep moisturising ritual.

*Conclusions of a discovery by a Nobel Prize-Winner

Moisturising Rituals / Hydration Rituals based on a Nobel Prize Discovery

“The secret to proper skin hydration is not so much the amount of water provided to the skin, but the capacity of the epidermis to retain water.”
Peter Agre & Roderick MacKinnon
2003 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry for the discovery of Aquaporins.

The main moisturising function is performed inside the skin by means of aquaporins, extremely permeable proteins that are found in the cell membranes and act as “water channels” regulated by the osmotic gradient (osmoregulation). This means that properly hydrated skin is achieved by increasing its ability to retain the water running through it.

HYDRAPORINE retains the maximum amount of water

1. Regulates the water channels by means of a natural osmolite that acts instantly to allow the skin to react in the optimum way to variables such as changes in the climate, temperature or pollution which have an immediately aggressive effect on the skin.

2. Enhances the barrier effect thanks to a biomimetic complex which facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and repairs and imitates the skin’s natural barrier, thereby preventing water loss.

HYDRAPORINE prevents water loss

3. Enhances retention of the water level in the dermis by forming a “natural moisturising film” that acts as a second protective skin.

Hydro-Repairing Night Cream
(All Skin Types)

Unctuously textured cream that restores the skin’s hydric functions and provides a feeling of well-being.

Benefits: leaves the skin immediately more comfortable, moisturised and deeply soothed.

Hydraporine, bio-mimetic lipid concentrate, lavender wax, shea butter and vitamin E.

Application: night.

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