New PLATINUM Deco Plex Care is a bleaching powder of maximum effectiveness.

A compromise between maximum bleaching, UP TO 9 SHADES and extreme hair care.

Its ground-breaking formula with PLEX technology contains a high concentrate of saccharide polycondensates and conditioning agents that protect the hair throughout the bleaching process thanks to their anti-breakage action:  

  •  Make hair strong, resistant and supple.
  •  Reduce hair fibre aggressions, preventing breakage in the structures of any hair type.

Suitable for use in any type of bleaching process, although its characteristics make it especially suitable for intense bleaching.

Non-volatile formula, preventing excessive burden on the environment.

The core component is persulfate, which releases active oxygen in its decomposition process, helping to boost the hydrogen peroxide bleaching effect.

The conditioning agents in the Plex technology help protect the hair and rebuild the bonds of the hair structure.

The result = Protected and perfectly conditioned bleached hair; stronger, more supple and resistant hair that is softer and healthier-looking.

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