UTOPIK DECO with Keratin is a bleaching powder of the highest quality, non-volatile and with a lightly fruited scent.
It has been specially developed with ingredients which condition the hair to the maximum during the bleaching process, which can be appreciated directly in the texture of the hair after rinsing.

UTPOPIK Deco powder is blue, which improves hueing and the elimination of the yellow undertone typical in very light tomes of decoloured hair.

Mixed with HIPERTIN oxygenates (Utopik-Ox) it forms a very smooth emulsion, ideal for any bleaching technique.


This is the principal component of the formula of this product which frees active oxygen in the process of its decomposition, helping to increase the bleaching effect of the peroxide (Oxygenated water).

Natural Gums: (Guar and xanthan). They provide viscosity and creaminess to the final product.

Queratine: Protective proteína produced by the epidermal cells of our organismo, and which is composed of 8 amino acids.


The quantity of tones that can be lightened with UTOPIK DECO will depend on the volume of oxygenated water chosen and the quality of the hair. This chosen concentration of oxygenated water and the processing time in the hair will always depend on your judgment, although it is inadvisable to exceed a time of 30 minutes or more than 30 volume UTOPIK-Ox.

The recommendations written on the product packaging must be taken into account at all times.

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